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Alluring Design Engage and atrract people

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Review: Ammaira Stokin Comel

Review: Ammaira Stokin Comel Collection | Assalamualaikum and hello readers. It is been a long time since i update my blog. Is there readers here? Hahaha. If there are still readers in my blog, thank you so much. I will try to update more in future. By the way lately the weather is keep on changing right? Sometimes there will be a hot sunny day and sometimes there will be a day where it rains non-stop. When it rains you will feel cold right? You need something cozy to warm up your body especially your feet. So how about you guys buy the cute stocking collection by Ammaira? I highly recommend it for you. Here is the review guys :)

Ammaira Fanpage

The Collection

Do you know about Ammaira Stokin Comel collection? This cute collection is a unique innovation for true Muslims. It is made from a premium quality socks and have proven to be favored by many of their customers. It is specially designed to cover aurat comfortably but yet still looks elegant and charming. Ammaira Stockin Comel Collection is a product under Ammaira Enterprise Sdn Bhd. Ammaira Enterprise Sdn Bhd is the founder and the sole distributor of the Cute Socks Collection which begin in early February 2016. This collection come in many patterns and colors. Here are the reason why it is recommended to buy this cute socks:-

1. It is comfortable

It is really comfortable. 100%. I'm walking around my house to test it. And i really love and enjoy wearing it especially when it cold at night. It make my feet feel warm. The sock is not too thin and not too thick. It is made from a soft material which give you comfy and cozy vibes once you wear it.

2. The collection is Cute

As per name of this collection which is Stokin Comel Collection, the sock is really cute on your feet. Ammaira Stokin Collection has over 130 colors and patterns that you can choose. Hop in to their fanpage to see more of these collection. 

3. You can cover your aurat confidently

Because of its material, you can cover your aurat confidently. Who says that when you want to cover your aurat you cannot be fashionable. This socks cover both aurat and the design makes you look charming and elegant at the same time. It also come with different size that suits your preference.


I would recommend this socks for those who searching for socks that can cover your aurah. You should buy this socks. I would rate this product 5/5 as i really like it. Plus, the ratings in FB is 4.7/5. If any of you guys are interested in buying this collection, below are the details:-

Website: http://ammaira.shoppy.my
Whatsapp: http://wasap.my/601110544880
PM FB: http://m.me/ammairastokincomel


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